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21 Choiak 2773
Welcome to Ankhet!
An ancient priestess regards you for a moment with weary eyes. "Once we were many... Now, the servants of Amin have been defeated and the shadow of the Apep looms upon us. Where once one could scarcely count the Domin­ion­s, now there is but one. We are the last. But know this! Those gods who have survived the serpent’s treachery are with us. They beckon us to take up arms and stand against the darkness. It will not be easy. It will require both courage and cunning. But no matter, for now is the time! Beyond the walls of this Final Dominion awaits a world in dire need of heroes and heroines. Destiny has led you to this place, my friend. Will you now follow it further?"

Ankhet is an innovative role-playing game set amidst a world of ancient Egyptian fantasy. Will you test your wisdom against the sphinxes or your might against darker foes? Will you stand with the gods or against them? It’s all up to you, but remember always that each path leads to but a single Ankhet. Begin your journey today. Become a "Disciple" and explore Ankhet, a vivid and unique world of mystery, intrigue, trivia, and adventure.

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